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welcome at the mill

At Hessemillen you will find a unique 300 m2 holiday house to rent for your retreat with cozy 48 m2 workshop-room ideal for around 12 people (for yoga). We offer rooms for 2 to 4 persons for up to 20 in total with a spacious kitchen for self-cooking. The house is surrounded by water sources and greens to enjoy a moment of rest in the Mullerthal region - a space where nature experiences meet mindfulness.

the workshop room

Pic 1: Setup by Metta Yoga Luxembourg (Yoga & Sound & Tea)

general info

  • From march to october only weekend retreats are bookable with a minimum of 2 days and 1 overnight stay.
  • In winter from november to march, day retreats are possible depending on availability. Longer stays are always preferred.
  • In addition to tourism there are only a few weekends available throughout the year, which are kept free for retreats.
  • The house is rented at a fixed price. We will send you all the info by e-mail.
  • The day before the retreat is not automatically free for preparations, please keep this in mind and maybe reserve an extra night just for you as organisers.
  • We do not provide any food, cook or meals. It's all up to you to liven up the spacious kitchen.
  • 2023 is fully booked. There is also a waiting list for 2024. Due to high demand, responses to inquiries may take longer.


family project

The former mill "Hessemillen" is a family-run property where we live with 3 generations of our family. In addition to rural tourism & retreats we run a timber and forestry business. On site our sawmill is running and we produce high-quality charcoal. There is always work and life going on here for the maintenance of the estate, in the garden, our children playing and in our forestry operation.


For us Hessemillen is a home, a family business and a heart project according to our values.


Betsi Tholl ép. Mathay

Head of Tourisme, Program and Communication